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Excess of sweating in palms and soles: an effective treatment

Surgery for hyerhidrosis is a simple procedure performed through a minimally invasive technique with excellent outcomes, so the daily life discomfort dissapears, recovering heat and dryness.
Primary or essential hyperhidrosis is a disease with excess of sweating in specific areas, mainly palms, axillas, soles and also the face. Its cause is still unknown, but there is evidence that in these patients there is a hyperactivation of the sympathetic nervous system and an increased sensitivity in sweat glands.
It’s a common problem affecting between 2-4% of population, specially in teenagers and young adults, with some familiar association. Even it is a benign disease, it produces significant discomfort, affecting quality of life in terms of professional and social aspects.
Not every person with excess of sweating is affected by primary hyperhidrosis. It’s important to rule out diseases that secondary affect sweating, such as infections and thyroid disease (secondary hyperhidrosis). Primary hyperhidrosis usually begins in the teen age, exacerbating during exercise or anxiety.
There are several topical and pharmacological treatments with limited effectivity, specially in severe cases. Botulinum toxin injection in palms and axillas has proved useful for mild to moderate cases, and its temporary effect requires reinjection every 6 to 12 months.
Surgery for hyperhidrosis (thoracoscopic sympathicotomy) is limited to severe cases with significant repercussion in quality of life, with excellent results specially in hands and axillas. Through a 1 cm incision down the axilla, a videocamera is introduced within the pleural space, and the sympathetic nervous chain is divided in a specific location depending on the area of the symptoms. The procedure is performed the day of hospital admission, with a quick recovery and discharge before 24 hours, without significant pain.
The effect of surgery is immediate, so the patient can check their palms and axillas are dry and hot again just after finishing the operation. Sometimes compensatory sweating appears, with an increased sweating through axial locations such as back, abdomen, thighs, but is usually well tolerated and just interferes with patients normal life.
Concluding, surgical treatment for primary severe hyperhidrosis is a simple minimally invasive procedure with excellent cosmetic outcomes and only mild postoperative pain, highly successful specially in palms and axillas. Patients affected by primary hyperhidrosis have an effective treatment for their problem, and can recover the quality of life lost.

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